…Cris Short Story


An innate sense of balance, beauty, and a special attraction for the creative world have been the factors which led Cris Pedrotti (VeryCris) to enter the world of fashion as she was pretty young.

In a very few years she specialized herself in precious textile materials as well as knitwear and yarns.
For over 20 years she has been working as a “Creative Director” with the most international and national brands.
She cooperated with textile Companies to find out new trends and she had been professor at Polimoda in Florence, teaching “Design, Fashion, and Textile Sciences

The strengths of Cris creations are:
originality, refinement, manufacturing knowledge value, a strong attention to precious textiles, a wearability which combines both comfort and elegance, but still very innovative, away from fashion conformity.
Embracing all the words of artistic expressions, such as arts,fashion and music, her creativity just not stopped to a certain point.

At the moment she is working as an external designer but at the same time just founded her own VeryCris line, including all her experience and knowledge.
Her collection has entirely been Made in Italy and she takes care of every aspect of her job, either clothes manufacturing and brand development.

“Quality is the result of a passion and it is only through dedication and love for what we do that we can reach the top”